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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. deal with the refs couldn't come soon enough. that later right now a look at the weather. thank you. good morning here's a look at live doppler dry for your
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morning commute there's a lot of fog especially north bay valleys visibility as low as half a mile in some areas same along the coast you may drive through a little mist. we just found out 77 minute flight arrival delays into sfo because of low clouds. bay foggy to start low to mid 50s hazy sun by noon, 4:00 close to average low to upper 70s. inland temperatures in the 40s and 50s with fog in the north bay, sunny by noon, check out 4:00 temperatures, warm, 82 almost not 91 in east bay valleys. coast today more sunshine than yesterday starting off with fog this morning 48 to 53 by 4:00 upper 50s to mid 60s. time for traffic. good morning. that fog is dense. skyline boulevard, daly city, golden gate bridge in a second, waldo grade come up on it fast, really difficult to see in that. bay bridge beginning to bunch
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up, no metering lights yet, you can see the cash paying folks are backed up, fastrak and commute lanes are looking good. golden gate bridge socked in limit visibility light into san francisco. from the peninsula north 101, two incidents accident at third blocking a lane and stall at the candlestick off-ramp. developing news, this evening parents will meet with school district officials to talk about the arrest of an albany middle schoolteacher on suspicious of committing lewd acts with a student james izumizaki was arrested early yesterday morning. investigators say he inappropriate relationship with a former student under the age of 14. izumizaki is a sixth grade teacher and coach at the middle school scheduled to be arraigned in an oakland courtroom tomorrow afternoon. terry mcsweeney will have a live report coming up.
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new this morning, from san francisco, a chain link fence surrounds the site where tends used to stand in the financial district. amy hollyfield joins us live. >> reporter: there still are police out here watching over the situation, making sure no one bothers that fence, the protesters have scattered. it is calm and quiet out here right now. we do have youtube video to show you of the arrests that took place overnight. police moved in it was a peaceful raid, no violent clashes between police and the crowd this site is known as the occupy sf site. that's what the group calls it. some say it has turned into an unsanitary homeless camp. one activist admits it does attract homeless at night but says it is a legitimate occupy protest. >> if you come by during the day, you will find there are a number of people who don't
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sleep here, who come down and devote their time to talking to people and handing out literature being very forthcoming. >> reporter: police have shut it down they put a fence up protesters are worried that means they are not going to be able to come out and protest during the day. officers cited 40 overnight, took them to the hall of justice, booked them and released them one man said they were charged with lodging. they say they are not going to go away. they hope to have an attorney ask for an injunction to get that fence taken down they believe never a right to protest here and want to continue getting the occupy message out here in downtown san francisco. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:04. chevron issuing an industry wide alert warning other refineries about possibility of pipe failure. they found routine safety inspections failed to uncover
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corrosion that contributed to last month's fiery accident in richmond. chevron says, unfortunately it did not inspect the individual pipe, therefore the problem went addressed. santana roussel greating 10th anniversary tonight and opening of new store at noon. august 2002 a huge section of the billion dollar shopping and residental development went up in flames after undergoing construction for two years. it was rebuilt and opened three months later it is now one of the most popular shopping and eating destinations for south bay residents and people from across the bay area. new poll shows californians are likely to pass prop 37 in next month's election which would require labels on genetically engineered food. new poll finds 61% of registered voters back the ballot measure, 25% opposed, 14% undecided. if passed prop 37 would make california the first state in the nation to require labels
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on genetically engineered crops or processed foods. this morning tentative agreement in place to bring nfl refs back in time for tonight's game in baltimore. the deal calls for the refs to get more money, they did compromise on a pension plan. stay with the abc7 morning news we'll have much more coming up. an eight year deal. >> i think so. that cheer you heard coming out of green bay, bring back the regular -- 6:06 time for a look at the weather. winds to start off, air stagnant calm conditions a lot of reason why we are seeing with longer nights more moisture build-up and create fog west wind sfo pulling in some of that thicker fog from the coast right now one of the reasons why you are going to have to deal with it through at least 10:00 this morning. pacifica 62° oakland 74,
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technically not summer but we have a summer-like spread in the forecast today with low 90s to mid nine teams into the east bay valleys, 30 to 31° today. specific numbers, 92 antioch, fairfield, 90s clear lake and ukiah, cloverdale, 80s north bay valleys and south bay, mid to upper 70s bay mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco, a little more sun at the coast today not as much as this weekend. 65 monterey, 75 santa cruz mid to upper 80s inland. friday through sunday inland mid to upper 90s around the bay mid 80s to near 90 saturday and it is going to be crowded at s, low to mid 70s saturday and sunday, -- warmest saturday, sunday. time for update on traffic. good morning. a live shot, highway 24 from vollmer camera, snaking
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through orinda and lafayette towards the caldecott tunnel, beautiful shot nice and clear here as you head towards the caldecott, no issues. north 101 before third heading into san francisco still accident blocking a lien and stall at candlestick blocking a lane there -- eastbound 4 getting word fortunately noncommute direction port chicago highway with injury action with accident crews on the scene. a familiar problem for families across the country. rising student debt. the new numbers now out showing how much of a financial burden going to college can be. making your credit card work for you. michael finney ahead with the cars offering the best deals.
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good morning. 6:12. may notice a little mist this morning as you leave home. should be a change in the weather. mike will tell you about it. one in five american households has college debt new numbers from the pew research center finds 22.4 million households had college debt in 2010, double from 1989. higher tuition and rising college enrollment are blamed. study says the increase in student debt can can be found
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among lower and upper income families. you probably get plenty of credit card offers in the mail, most likely they include enticing rewards. al fine any looks at which cards offer the best deals. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports analyzed more than 50 cards including ones good for those struggling to payoff credit card debt. robert says he hasn't bought his kids a christmas tree in two years and eating out is a rare treat. all in an effort to chip away at $10,000 in credit card debt. >> i've been really making efforts to pay them down. two or three times more than what the minimum payment is due. >> reporter: with interest rates on his cars at 16 and 22%, he says, he's barely making a dent. for families consumer
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recommends transfering a balance to a card with a lower apr. >> you can find cards with very low interest rates even down to zero for balance transfers look at the terms they can vary. >> reporter: you are often charged a balance transfer fee, usually three to four percent upfront. the zero percent or low apr lasts 12 to 18 months. consumer reports found chase card is good for those who can payoff a balance quickly it has 0% interest for 15 months, no transfer fees in the first 60 days. >> if you calculate that you won't be able to payoff your debt that quickly you are better off with a card with a low fixed rate. >> reporter: consumer reports found one of the best is the pin fed promise currently has a low apr, 4.99%, on transfers made before the end of the year and no balance transfer fee. be aware, you need to be a member of the pin fed credit union, which could cost $15.
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if robert does transfer his balances, consumeer reports -- recommends he try get another car for new purchases he will need to pay that off in full every month to an individual going deeper in if you pay your bills each month consumer reports says a better card that offers rewards or cash back good choice is american express blue cash prefered, $75 annual fee you get 6%djt52z at supermarkets, % back at -- 3% back at gas and department cars and 1% everywhere he will. a little fog, a little mist. >> definitely damp there's a little ebb and flow it is moving from east slowly this is the reason why we have 77 minute flight arrival delays into sfo.
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the good news it is dry except for when you drive through these patches of moisture spinning around on mount omnium to the south and mount st. helena to the north, no need to worry about the wet weather. need a light coat but it is going to be warm this afternoon east bay valleys spreading for the rest of us. 48 santa rosa, napa, half moon bay low to mid 50s everywhere else, fog around the monterey bay and inland low to mid 50s, warming trend begins today, no matter how hot it gets during the day, clear and comfortable at night warmest saturday and stun did, pushed it back one day. today 10° warmer than average in livermore, two in san jose, we warm up so much today but barely get back to average in napa, oakland and redwood city
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cloud cover you can see thickest around the north bay and in the bay, by noon back to the coast except for a little finger fog across the golden gate a little sunshine develop at the coast compared to yesterday still in the 60s there to 90s inland. 79 milpitas low to mid 80s the rest of the south bay today, san jose and cupertino 82. mid to upper 70s most of the peninsula coast low to mid 60s pockets of sun mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito more sunshine north bay at your beaches low 60s today, petaluma 77 most neighbors in the low to mid 80s east bay shore, mid to upper 70s, fremont 79 dublin 87 concord 88, everybody else around 90 to 93 east bay valleys. 90s tomorrow 65 monterey, 75 at santa cruz last regular season home game for the
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giants it couldn't be any more perfect hazy sun 12:45, 61 warming to 68 by the name time the game ends. -- by the time the game ends. coast low to mid 70s this weekend, get there early and find a spot don't leave, mid to upper 80s to near 90 around the bay and mid 90s to near 100 inland temperatures start tapering tuesday and wednesday next week. good morning. giants game going to be a great day expect traffic delays around at&t park, 280 extension, embarcadero, king street all jammed. right now bay bridge toll metering lights just on, backing beyond the overcrossings, carpool lanes still breezing by. accident on the peninsula westbound off the dumbarton blocking a lane there. eastbound highway 4 at port
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chicago accident blocking lanes northbound port chicago lanes are blocked with this injury accident. in san francisco good news northbound 101 from the peninsula accident at third cleared, stall at candlestick also clear. back to walnut creek southbound 680 at gregory lane near monument a stall blocking a lien of traffic southbound 680 in walnut creek. still ahead, spooky but spectacular southbound landmark getting dressed up for halloween. >> boo! she is not scared. you've heard of the great white shark, right? how about a white whale rare mammal appearing in the waters down under. ñ!ú
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a rare albino humpback whale is making a appearance off the australian coast. the wail is named migaloo this is the first time it has been spotted off the queensland coast since 2009. marine experts say it is likely on its annual migration to the antarctic. san jose landmark reputed to be a true haunted house is getting dressed up for halloween.
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the winchester house is staging fright nights beginning this week second year at the home of heiress sarah winchester. last year went so well organizers promise a bigger, better and square time now fright night opens this friday. >> -- >> today on katie financial infidelity. >> hi. today on katie we are asking the question, did you hide purchases from your husband or wife? did you know in fact, 80% of married couples do buy continues but don't tell spouses. today a bit of a relationship intervention to save a marriage and hopefully help them save money. deliliah, the most listened to woman on the radio will join us to tell us her secrets and how she makes that love connection every night for america. all coming up today on katie. >> that airs at 3 p.m., right here on abc 7. still ahead, the nfl refs
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are back. the deal reached late last night putting refs back on field tonight following that botched call during monday night football. hot pursuit through the streets of san francisco, starting with a stolen ipad. i'm terry mcsweeney live in albany. a middle schoolteacher has been arrested for committing lewd acts with a former student under the age of 14. what many in the community saying that could not be true. coming up in a live report. good morning. check out high temperatures today much warmer than yesterday, 90s inland valleys east bay mainly 80s north bay and south bay, 70s around the bay, 60s coast. temperatures in the 60s around the great lakes east coast 70s and 80s, 70s and 80s around seattle and portland. charlotte, no longer has flight arrival delays, all of our major airports on time until sfo 77 minutes flight
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arrival delays. good morning. live shot of the bay bridge traffic backed up beyond the overcrossing metering lights on. areas of very dense fog we'll
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center. this is abc7 news. good morning on this thursday, 6:29. if you can hike to the top of mount tam is what you will see. >> is that all? >> thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. all you got that do is haul me up to the top so i can see that view. let's check in with mike. we can dive up there if you want too. -- we can drive you up there too if you want. doppler showing no organized areas of wet weather this morning just misty around those areas where the moisture is clinging to the ground like around napa quarter mile visibility there also santa rosa half mile half moon bay visibility sfo low enough that we have 77 minute flight arrival delays.
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today foggy start around the bay, 50s, hazy sun by noon, mostly sunny temperatures closer to average low to upper 70s by 4:00. inland going to start heating up just a little during the afternoon after starting the 40s and 50s, 80s and 90s by 4:00. the coast don't get the warming yet but on the way. foggy start upper 40s to mid 50s, a little brighter 4:00, upper 50s to mid 60s. good morning. fog limited visibility places like highway 1, skyline boulevard, waldo grid, golden gate bridge, thickened on the -- on the ground extra caution. free waze app showing highway 4 westbound typically slow, speeds of 11 miles an hour. one reporter telling us complete standstill towards the concord area and eastbound highway 4 we have an accident at port chicago highway. elsewhere live look at
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san mateo bridge, eastbound traffic headed in the direction here with towards hayward moving well sluggish up the incline section towards foster city no major delays there. we start at 6:30 with developing news. overnight we learned a sixth grade teacher is an under arrest accused with an inappropriate relationship with a former student. terry mcsweeney joins us live from albany middle school. >> reporter: there is going to be a meeting here tonight. at 5:00 in the library. we don't have all the details of what he allegedly did except it is lewd acts with a former student under the age of 14. take a look at the person who is in jail right now for doing this, 28-year-old james izumizaki of albany, sixth grade teacher arrested at his house early yesterday morning for lewd acts upon a child less than 14. the albany is saying
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he's been a sixth grade teacher since 2008, volleyball, student leadership club, athletic director. the superintendent stevenson tells the albany patch she learned of the allegations monday, placed izumizaki on leave and called police. she says there is going to be additional counseling available to students to deal with this. e-mail sent to parents late yesterday afternoon. mr. izumizaki is right now being held on $100,000 bail. his first court appearance is tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon. i've been going on albany looking at comments, all 82 that have come in since this e-mail went out last evening. a lot of people are up in arms about this. they say the man they knew as mr. i could not have done this, no possible way. a couple identifying themselves as former students, one says he made her feel
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uncomfortable. another said you should have seen the way he looked at students. a great deal of controversy and big uproar over this possibly an emotional meeting 5:00 this evening as they sort it out. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. in antioch investigation underway after a fourth grade student brought a weapon to school at turner elementary. the principal say the student told other students about the gun which turned out to be an air pistol no students reported the gun to staff. the principal says she talked to students about the difference between snitching and reporting something when others could be in danger. they are urging parents to talk to their kids. san francisco police raided an encampment outside the federal reserve building on market street overnight they cited 40 people and cleared out the area. police set up barricades to keep the area around the building clear. protesters say they still
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consider this to be an official occupy site and that i been using it during the day to hand out information. they admit it attracts groups of homeless during the night >> this morning oakland police looking for the shooter who gunned down a man in the grand lake neighborhood last night after 6:30 officers found the victim in the 800 block of vermont street shot once and pronounced dead at the scene police have not released the victim's name. daylight street robbery in san francisco turned into a high speed chase resulting in crash and serious injury. the chase ended yesterday after the suspect's car ran into a mazda the driver of the mazda had to be cut out of her vehicle and she needed surgery a child at a nearby playground was injured by playing the suspect grabbed a woman's backpack, police arrested three. nfl refs will be back on-the-job tonight following
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much criticized call during monday night football this week. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom with the deal. >> reporter: three weeks of replacement refs have seemed like a lifetime for some, it does appear it is over the browns-ravens game tonight will have regular refs officiating. owners and union reached tentative agreement. the refs gained good leverage after monday night's game. universally, agreed upon wrong call bay the replace s cost the packers a win against seattle monday. under the new deal the refs get more money, compromised on a pension shun 401(k) plan and the -- and the nfl may hire officials full time. >> taking those guys for granted at some point and it is showing up that those guys were doing an excellent job. >> obviously, as a player, i mean we still gonna have our
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same arguing points even when the real refs come back. but we can live with that. >> reporter: the replacement ref who may the infamous call is lance easley of santa maria a friend of his says no one feels more badly than lance. a tweet 30 minutes ago: good to see the regular refs coming back. i'm sure the scabs are disappointed they have to return to their jobs at footlocker. ouch. sunday all games will have the pros on the field. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> but he's not bitter. i'd hate to see his bitter. giants game locally, 12:45 taking on the d-backs. what is it going to be like? >> mike? >> should be one of the more perfect games won't be too hot, won't be too cool, just right and a lot of sunshine 61° at
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12:45. 65 by the time the game ends many winds calm especially north bay that's why moisture is lingering and why we have so much fog. the reason we have flight arrival delays into sfo 77 minutes. i know it is summer but it is a summer-like spread 60s coast 62 at pacifica to mid 90s into the east bay valleys. places like livermore, antioch, fairfield stretches to clear lake, ukiah -- mid to upper 60s coast sunshine about an hour earlier than we did yesterday check out the heat, hottest friday, saturday, peaks sunday. warmth will spread into the bay mid 80s to near 90
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saturday and sunday. coast low to mid 70s. . good morning. back to the bay bridge metering lights are on traffic backed beyond the 880 overcrossing carpool lanes are wait to go if you can. expect delays at about. fog down on the deck of the golden gate bridge very heavy over the waldo grade thick, dense fog advisory for the golden gate bridge traffic light but visibility is limited. back to the peninsula, westbound 84 at university, accident still blocking a lane of traffic off the dumbarton eastbound highway 4 at port chicago that accident still out there they are saying the lanes on port chicago highway itself northbound are now cleared. you can see very slow out of antioch area approaching that and speeds pick up once you pass the scene at 242. southbound 680 stall at gregory lane.
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giants game larkspur ferries 10 to sellout get there early and the return trip expect lots of folks. breaking business news. campbell's soup just announced plant closures including a location here in california. trading underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange. ly look now dow in positive territory up almost 50 points. first, only 40 days until election day. -- we have republican presidential candidate mitt romney reaction to new polls showing president obama pulling ahead in swing states. does apple have another glitch? problem some own
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welcome back. 60s along the coast more sunshine than yesterday, 70s bay sunshine an hour earlier 80s inland to 90s in the east bay valleys, last three hours of doppler you can see it is dry up and down across the state with low to mid 90s around chico and sacramento, 69 big sur tahoe isolated thunderstorm possible today and tomorrow dry near 80 into the weekend thunderstorm around yosemite possible today
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and tomorrow temperatures will be in the 90s as we head towards saturday and sunday. down south southern california 80s and 90s in los angeles and san diego over the weekend. time for us to talk about some money. you can win, abc7 is about to make someone $49,000 richer, go to and like us we'll announce the winner october 18th after the 49ers take on the seahawks. if you already liked us you still have a chance go to our facebook page and click that $49,000 button that will take you right to the page where you can enter. today the u.s. army is standing down members are being ordered to take part in suicide prevention training in response to a spike in suicides this year the first seven months of 2012, 116
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suicides, army says it wants to make sure troops know there are resources available. troops in combat operations and those with medical duties will not be standing down their training will come later. president obama and mitt romney will be campaigning in the same state again today, virginia this time after a day in ohio. in the new two minute ad set to air today, president obama promotes an economic plan he says will create one million manufacturing jobs and cut oil imports he's leading in the polls in ohio. romney says he's not pleased but adds the race is far from over. breaking business news. campbell soup will be closing two plans one in new jersey and one in sacramento. the company says the closures are being done to improve u.s. supply chain and cost structure. the sacramento plant has been open since 1947 and has 700 fulltime employees scheduled
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to close by july of 2013. one week after going on sale, there's talk of problems with the camera on the iphone 5. >> jane king with that and big changes possibly coming to your health insurance plan. good morning. this is going to be closely watched, companies adapt to health care reforms, darden restaurants and sears giving employees a fixed sum of money and allowing them to choose their medical coverage and insure online the companies say most is not designed to make employees pay more the idea to give employees more control. new online shopping site focusing on earth-friendly products, 20% discount and free shipping on first purchases and orders tolding more than $49. some of the items at least one is cheaper on amazon's main website. because of a better free
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shipping deal. trading higher start rough few days here there is some optimism that there will be economic stimulus from china. that's helping. stocks this morning. you see the dow up about 50. the gains are contained. durable goods orders, big ticket items, falling dramatically in august fewer plane orders slow down for business spending however, weekly jobless claims numbers dropped to the lowest in two months i am fewer people filing for those fires-time unemployment benefits. -- bloomberg index is trading positive. iphone 5 users reporting purple haze they are not talking about the jimi hendrix song. a purple haze in photos they've taken and talk about a possible camera defect. apple says you should not be worried it says the issue is
6:49 am
not a flaw just a common image disfor many digital cameras suffered from. long been a favorite of truckers and gas station check-outs now beef jerky going gourmet, basil citrus and lemon garlic. "wall street journal" calls it almost a jerky renaissance. these have protein making it attractive to health conscious consumers looking for an alternative to protein bars. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> i thought it was crazy when i paid $8 forever one at the farm -- for one at the former's market. prime minister of greece is expected to meet with other government leaders to nail down details of the controversial austerity pack can one day after violent clashes between protesters and police tens of thousands hit the streets yesterday to demonstrate against the austerity package.
6:50 am
they say the cuts the government is proposing go too far. greece is posed to cut 15 billion dollars in spending to secure financial help from the european union so it can avoid a default. 6:50. will i continue to mull over beef jerky that is basil and citrus flavored mike is going to give you the forecast. that's what jane was saying about the gourmet jerky. >> i saw a batch at the farmer's market it was $8. i home and thought about it. >> was it good? >> it was very good. that's a lot of money. >> maybe you can get that next to your garlic fries next year at giants' stadium. last home game of the regular season. off to a going give start, good morning coming up on 6:51 fog is around san francisco this morning as we look southbound from our roof cam at the ferry building.
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live doppler 7 hd spinning on top of mount st. helena not detecting any drizzle or any widespread rain we just have mist hanging around the air it is damp this morning because of the extra moisture that's why we are dealing with fog thickest north bay valleys and along the coast. right now upper 40s santa rosa, napa, half moon bay everybody else in the 50s a little fog around the monterey bay low to mid 50s. warming trend begins today, clear and comfortable at night even during warmest afternoons this weekend. today temperatures jumping 5 to 11° from san francisco to con board getting back to where we -- concord getting back to where we should be this time of year. mid to upper 70s peninsula, coast more sunshine than yesterday, low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito all of us will see sunshine an
6:52 am
hour earlier today. 70s across the east bay shore, east bay valleys, concord and dublin upper 80s everybody else low to mid 90s. low to mid 70s watsonville and santa cruz mid 60s monterey, carmel. 12:45 first pitch, have sunscreen and shades if you can, don't need a jacket, 61 warming up to 68°. two to three degrees warmer tomorrow, saturday and sunday the coast low to mid 70s stinson beach i can see the lines, get there early upper 80s to near 90 bay upper 90s in in-- inland. stenson beach traffic can be nasty highway 1 backs to 101 through mill valley great advice to get out there early. live shot of san jose 280 snaking northbound past 17
6:53 am
interchange no issues coming out of santa cruz mountains on 17. getting a little busy towards cupertino in the northbound direction. bad news/good news situation, bad news accident multi-lanes, multi-vehicles westbound 580 at the 80 split, good news just cleared to the shoulder. no significant delays at this hour towards the macarthur maze. westbound 84 at university still stubborn accident there trying to get that cleared coming off the dumbarton in menlo park area at university. eastbound port chicago still accident blocking northbound lanes cleared westbound towards 242 is beginning to bunch up, typical out of antioch. as mike mentioned the giants game 12:45 expect delays around at&t park. 6:five . new research shows people with lower i.q.'s 10 to be less
6:54 am
happy than people with higher numbers. the study from university college london findings indicate people with lower i.q.'s were less happy because of lower income and poorer health. also more cases of mental disorders and suicidal behaviors among people with lower i.q. scores. the study published in latest issue of psychological medicine. here are five things to know before you go: number one, albany middle school teacher in jail on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a child under 14 this is a picture courtesy of facebook of james izumizaki. tonight at 5, parents meet with school officials to talk about his arrest. >> number two, san francisco police raided an encampment outside federal building on market, cited 40 and set up barricades. protesters admit the site attracts homeless at night but worried barricades will
6:55 am
prevent them to protest during the day. >> number three, regular refs will be back on the field tonight. the refs reached a tentive deal with the league late last night. >> number four, giants will announce today whether suspended outfielder melky cabrera will reengine the team for post-season act. -- will rejoin the team for post-season action. the team does not plan to bring him back. >> number five, 10 years after fire nearly wiped it out santana roussel greating 10th and -- santana row is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. final check on weather. a lot of fog behind you, hard to see the bay bridge , good morning live doppler good news unless you are driving
6:56 am
through that fog, it is dry. flight arrival delays longer than yesterday 77 minute arrival delays into sfo, oakland and san jose on time. more sunshine at the coast than yesterday. low to mid 60s for you. hazy sun around the bay, throw upper 70s warmer inland 80 to near 90 east bay valleys. recap: bay bridge toll metering lights obviously on, traffic backed towards the 80 junction pardon me the 880 overcrossing and the maze approaching the maze we had an earlier accident now cleared. expect delays to the bay bridge live shot of the golden gate bridge fog down on the span and very, very thick over the waldo grade, visibility limited. here's a map of that accident earlier west 580 at 80 at the maze cleared. traffic beginning to improve there. backed up behind the metering
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lights as usual. thank you for joining us for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> i want to go back to bed now. >> what do you mean now? >> i know. hence we need the alarm clock app wake up to the bay area's latest headlines, weather and traffic all on your phone. it does making waking up a it does making waking up a little easier. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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